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There are so many basketball games available for download but none as addictive and deceptively simple as Basketball Physics. The game is based on real physics, meaning the players’ movement, the court, and the ball, are all governed by realistic conditions. Gamers can play Basketball Shoot straightaway. The objective of the game is to shoot some basketballs you have at your disposal from the beginning. These balls are limited in number so every shot you make counts. Get better scores by how you perform.
When you throw the ball, you have to set two physical properties beforehand. You have to determine the angle of your shot as well as the power required to let the ball land safely into the net. To do this, players can drag a dotted line that determines both the power and the angle. When you release the button, the computer basketball player shoots. The game is simple and fun and it’s also suitable for all ages. There’s no complex learning curve to play it.
It features 11 different stages – beach, airport, rooftop and more. The game doesn’t require heavy graphic cards to function and can work perfectly on low system requirements. The game comes with simple sound effects and maximum replay value.
Controls: Click = jump & throw. Player 1 = Z, Player 2 = M

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